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Development Structuring

Opportunity Property Development's main focus is the structuring of residential developments. Coupled with that we also provide a range of professional services that make property investment and development simple and effective while significantly reducing financial risk.  We have a history of satisfying the needs of developers, investors and property owners through finance models that produce lucrative short-term investment opportunities and competitive long-term asset growth.

To be able to provide such a service comes with 22 years first hand experience in all disciplines of the industry.  We have an in-depth understanding of the different components that comprise property development;

- Vacant land
- Financial structuring
- Development land
- Financing
- Developments & Developing
- Professional team management
- Zoning
- Project Management
- Risk assessment
- Construction management
- Legal structuring

to name some of the key disciplines.

The more knowledge one has about both the buoyant times and recessive periods in your industry the more accurately you can plan your investment.  We have seen and lived the ups and downs and our experience is now proving itself invaluable as we enter into the next property cycle.



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